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Music for 4th and 5th Grade - Dillon Baiocchi
Dillion plays piano
I extend the program that Miss Coleen starts with the Kindergarden - 3rd graders. In my classes, students practice how to read musical notation and learn basic musical theory and vocabulary. We continue to sing, play, and dance together, performing on non-pitched instruments, xylophone, and recorder. With my background in jazz music, we also work on improvisation (creating your own melodies and rhythms within a song).
Fifth grade students have the option to play in the after school band. In band, we offer students the opportunity to play flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and euphonium. Reading music and playing as a group are emphasized.
Exposing children to music inspires their creativity, expression, and imagination. Students are fortunate that the Scotts Valley Unified School District can offer music classes at every grade level through high school, encouraging a positive and healthy environment.

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