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Staff Directory

Communication is a key component of student success at Brook Knoll Elementary School.   Our staff will make every effort to return e-mail and phone calls in a timely manner. 

Staff can be reached at 831-423-2454 from 7:30a - 4:00p, Monday thru Friday

or via the e-mail addresses noted here. 

Brook Knoll Staff Directory
Administration / Office                     E-mail                    
Joshua Wahl, Principal
Leah Seldon, Principal's Secretary

Jacquelyn Kannegaard, Registrar & Attendance Secretary
Nursing / Health  
Ginger Riggins, District Nurse
Selena Treuge, Health Office Aide
Speech / Language  
Jeanelle Babitzke, Speech Specialist

Georgia Cambra, Speech Specialist

JoAnn Tassone, ELD Teacher
Student Services  
Michelle Hodsdon, Psychologist

Ryan Navaroli, Counselor

Behavior Specialist  
Lewis LaHood, Adaptive Physical Education

Occupational Therapist  
Lisa Jacobs, Resource Specialist

Leila Danner, Food Services
Student Programs  
Coleen Clark, Music Teacher TK-5
Kelly Reber, Intervention Teacher
Heather Warner, Computer Lab (interim)
Kristina Swilley, Library
Support Staff Support Staff
Susana Carbajal, Custodian Christian Cross, Custodian
Josh East, PE Aide/Lunch Activity Coordinator Kenedi Walters, PE Aide/Lunch Activity Coordinator
Kelly Busnardo, Aide Melissa Lima, 4th Grade Aide/Yard Duty
Terri Danna, Intervention Aide Meghan Dietrich, TK Aide/Yard Duty
Amanda Gundersen, Kindergarten Aide/Yard Duty Alexandria Schrader, 5th Grade Aide/Yard Duty
Open, 2nd Grade Aide/Yard Duty Mary Kerfeld, 1st Grade Aide/Yard Duty
Open, Kindergarten Aide/Yard Duty Karen Smith, TK Aide/Yard Duty
Donna Miguel, Special Education Aide Mary Raccioppi, Special Education Aide
Elaina Rapoza, Special Education Aide Sheri Suomela, Kindergarten Aide/Yard Duty
Jeanette Roumimper, 3rd Grade Aide/Yard Duty Lisa Thygeson, Intervention Aide
Jessica McGlaze, TK Aide/Yard Duty