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Special Services

Vickie Wick, Occupational Therapist

BrookKnollElementary_fp_6269.jpgThis is my 13th year in the Scotts Valley Unified School District. I serve the preschool, both elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. I provide service delivery once children qualify for Special Education services. I collaborate with the teachers and staff to address deficits in the areas of fine motor, visual motor, body awareness and motor planning, bilateral coordination, written communication, sensory-motor issues and assistive technology. This year I am at Brook Knoll Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You can often see me whizzing by with students getting to and from my room on a scooterboard!
In my free time I like to listen to live music, dance, knit, make jewelry and scuba dive.

Sally Lussier, SpL Specialist


Sally taught 36 years before she retired from being a full-time speech therapist and special education teacher.  She now works a 50% schedule for SVUSD.   Sally has two grandchildren, 8 and 10 years old, who live in San Francisco; and she visits them often.  She enjoys reading historical novels and traveling.  The last book she read was, The First of July, a historical novel about WWI.  Her last trip was to Washington D.C.  She loved the Newseum.


Two things Sally wants you to know about our Speech and Language Program:

1.  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Thinking are all measure of our use of language.

2.  Our practice of remediation of speech and language disorders include articulation, voice, fluency, and language (vocabulary, sentence structure, word structure, social communication).

Kirsten Maure, SpL Specialist

BrookKnollElementary_fp_4549.jpgKirsten Maure first became acquainted with Brook Knoll Elementary School when her oldest child, her daughter, entered kindergarten in 2005.  Both her daughter and son are now at SVMS.  As a parent she was active in the PTA and volunteered in the classrooms (and her husband, Greg, is an active balloon-poppimg booth designer for BK’s Harvest Festival).  Kirsten’s first career was as a K-8 French Teacher.  She later went back to college to pursue speech and language pathology, and is now in her 2nd year of practice.   Mrs. Maure shares that communication is an essential life skill, and working within this field is very rewarding because it involves empowering people to communicate clearly.  When she’s not at school she enjoys, reading fiction (favorite author is Jane Austen), watching her kids play soccer and run cross-country, and traveling!  (She wants to go back to Europe for a visit!)


Eileen Shea, Adaptive Physical Education


Special Services
Contact Sally Lussier  Sally Lussier Special Education Speech
Contact Kirsten Maure  Kirsten Maure Special Education Speech
Contact Eileen Shea  Eileen Shea Special Education Adaptive PE and Behavioral Specialist
Contact Vickie Wick  Vickie Wick Special Education Occupational Therapist