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Brook Knoll School Song

High above the ocean, in amongst the trees,

Lives a home of Eagles, soaring in the breeze.

No quake or fire or rainstorm can take away our pride,

Brook Knoll Eagles are free, yes, we're free.


Brook Knoll Eagles, the best school in the land,

Brook Knoll Eagles, here to lend a hand,

Finding ways to help our world and live in harmony,

Brook Knoll Eagles are free, yes we're free!

Brook Knoll Eagles are free, yes we're free!


Our Motto



Brook Knoll Eagles SOAR


Show respect
Treat others how you want to be treated.  
Follow directions the first time.
On task, active learner
Ask questions.
Notice things.
Always try your best.
Act Safely
Safe body.
Speed limit is "walk" unless you are on the playground.
Do what you are supposed to do.
Stay organized.
Help people.